Program Fees

2016 Fees (2017/18 Fees Subject to Change)

Class enrolment is granted on a first-come, first-served basis and is normally limited to a maximum of 18 students per class.

The fees are as follows;

1) Program Fee includes tuition and all course instruction, instructors and a coordinator;

2) Ground Fee includes accommodation, food, local travel, local experts, field equipment, Kruger National Park safari, optional scuba diving/snorkeling, and tour from Tofo to Capetown.

Airfare is not included, students must book their own flights; we will be able to help with recommendations. The approximate return airfare from Edmonton to Manzini, Swaziland (Via Johannesburg, South Africa) is $1800 - $2200 CAD


The Southern African Field School (SAFS) is run by the Faculty of Science at University of Alberta and is open to University of Alberta students as well as students enrolled in other universities. Students can choose to take one or more modules or full semester over a 12 week period.


Full Semester


Module 1




Module 2

Marine Module


Module 3

One Health


Program Fee*





Ground Fee**










* Program fees do not include mandatory non-instructional fees. Please refer to section 22.21 in the calendar.
** Ground fees are subject to change

Financial Assistance

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule and Refund Policies for May-August 2016 and January – April 2018 are as follows using the Semester Fees as an example

  • Payment #1 - SAFS Ground Fee = $5900
  • 50% = $2950 is due upon acceptance, which secures a place in the program as well as accommodation and vehicle space in Southern Africa
  • The remainder, 50% = $2950, is given as a post-dated cheque (due March 15, 2017 for Summer 2017 and November 15, 2017 for Winter 2017).
  • Ground Fee will be collected by Program Coordinator and Department of Biological Sciences
  • Refund Policy: 50% of the Ground Fee = $2950 is refundable up to the time of Payment #2 – SAFS Program Fees
  • Payment #2 - SAFS Program Fee = $10,000
  • Due March 15, 2017 for Summer 2017 semester and Due November 15, 2017 for Winter 2018 semester
  • Program Fees paid to the Registrar’s Office via Bear Tracks
  • Refund Policy: 50% of the Program Fee is refundable if cancelled by the student before class departure.

Note: For Module Program Fees and Payment #2

  • Program Fees = Module 1 - $5000, Module 2 = $5000, Module 3 = $4000
  • If students take two of the above Modules, the total Fees may equal $10000 or $9000.
  • Note: Program Fees for two or more modules are capped at $10,000. 

Note: If the program does not run due to low student enrollment or other factors, students will be reimbursed 100% of Fees.