Program Overview

SAFS offers a one month Spring Semester program in which students can earn up to *6 credits. All coursework is taught by University of Alberta instructors, and all credits earned by students are recognized as University of Alberta courses.

Ecology and Conservation in Swaziland and South Africa 

Lilac breasted roller (photo by Nicolle Riedel)


Experience the Kingdom of eSwatini (Swaziland), one of the smallest countries in Africa. This welcoming country will ease you into Africa while you immerse yourself in the rich culture, exploring and studying in the many nature reserves. Joining conservation projects you will have the opportunity to research giraffes, song birds stream invertebrates, small mammals and a variety of other wildlife in eSwatini’s many conservation areas. The natural wonders and culture of eSwatini you experience will forever change your outlook on life. Finish your field experience with a three day safari at Kruger National Park, home of the big five, led by a wildlife expert who spent years researching in Southern Africa.

Students completing this module choose *6 in the following: