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Philippe Marcoul

Associate Professor

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

About Me

Job/Research Area  

Financial Economics, Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Development Economics 

Sub fields: Economics of cooperatives, Economics of Intellectual Property, Agribusiness Industrial Organization 


Publications (since 2008)


“Subjective Performance of Patent Examiners and Implicit Contracts,” 2019 with Corinne Langinier, in Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 40, Issue 3, p. 251-266.

"Removing the 'Veil of Ignorance': Nonlinearities in Human Capital Effects on Gender Inequality," October 2018 with Sandeep Mohapatra and Bruno Wichmann in Contemporary Economic Policy. Volume 36, Issue 4, p. 644-666.  

“Coordination and Information Sharing about Pest Resistance” with Stéphane Lemarié in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Volume 87, January 2018, Pages 135-149. Download here:

“Search of Prior Art and Revelation of Information by Patent Applicants” with Corinne Langinier in the Review of Industrial Organization. (Lead article) November 2016, Volume 49, Issue 3, pp 399–427. Article download here:

“Spatial Efficiency of Genetically Modified and Organic Crops” with Stefan Ambec and Corinne Langinier in Strategic Behavior and the Environment. 2015, Vol. 5: No. 1, pp 31-59.

“Agents Monitoring Their Manager: A Hard-Times Theory of Producer Cooperation” with Brent Hueth in the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. Volume 24, Number 1, Spring 2015, 92–109.

“A Financial Contracting Approach to the Role of Supermarkets in Farmer’s Credit Access” with Luc Veyssiere, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, March 2010.

“Incentive Pay for CEOs in Cooperative Firms” with Brent Hueth, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91(5), December 2009: 1218-1223.

                      The research in this paper is discussed in the Cooperative Business Journal:

“Contributory Infringement Rule and Network” with Corinne Langinier, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol.  70, Mai 2009: 296–310.

“The Cooperative Firm as Monitored Credit? The case of West Liberty Foods” with Brent Hueth and Roger Ginder, The Journal of Cooperatives, Vol. 23, pp. 106-121, March 2009.

          Also Reprinted in “Cooperative Conversions, Failures and Restructurings: Case Studies and Lessons from U.S. and Canadian Agriculture,” Murray Fulton edition     Knowledge Impact in Society Press, 2009. P.101-116.

“Can racially unbiased Police Perpetuate Long-Run Discrimination?,” with Helle Bunzel, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 68 (1), October 2008: 36-47.

“Search and active learning with correlated information: Empirical evidence from mid-Atlantic clam fishermen,” with Quinn Weninger, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, Vol. 32, June 2008: 1921-1848.

Other refereed publication:

“Durable Strategies for Fungicides Use: Lessons from the Past and Leads for Improving the Future” (with A.S Walker and others). In: Deising HB; Fraaije B; Mehl A; Oerke EC; Sierotzki H; Stammler G (Eds), "Modern Fungicides and Anti-fungal Compounds", Vol. VIII, pp. 283-288 © 2017 Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft, Braunschweig, ISBN: 978-3-941261-15-0

Current Projects and work in Progress (please e-mail if you want a copy of these papers)

  • “'Blood is thicker than water': Economic implications of food gifting within kinship networks” with Marty Luckert, Sandeep Mohapatra, and Godwin Zigah, 2018.
  • “Monetary and Implicit Incentives of the Patent Examiners,” with Corinne Langinier, 2019.
  • "Fishing Informational Equilibrium", 2019.
  • "Food Gifting, Kinship Networks and Household Food Security: the way they give" with Sally Sun and Henry An. 2016.
  • "Firm Ownership and CEO Incentives: Evidence from Member-Owned Firms" with Brent Hueth, 2015.
  • "Rural Producers' Organization, Production Finance and Inclusiveness"

Major professional Responsibilities:


Since 2017, I have organized the seminar and brown-bag series in the Department of Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology.

To see our current program of seminars and brown bags:

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Associate Editor: American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2014-2017

Associate Editor: Journal of Agricultural Food Industrial Organization, 2007- present


Referee reports for:

American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Applied Economics, Economic Journal, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Ecological Economics, Economie Rurale, European Review of Agricultural Economics, International Journal of Business and Economics, International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Public Economic Theory, RAND Journal of Economics, Resource and Energy Economics, Review of Agricultural Economics, Supply Chain Management: an International Journal.


AREC 488 - Game Theory applied to Resource Economics

AREC 487 - Managing Market Risks in Resource Industry

AREC 582 - Industrial Organization applied to Resource and Food Economics

Award: Best teacher of the year teaching award, 2016, ALES faculty.

             2018 Teaching wall of fame award of the ALES faculty.