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Urmila Basu

Lab and Genomics Unit Manager

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science

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Faculty Service Officer, AFNS Labs and Genomics Unit Manager


2012: Faculty Teacher of the Year

Committee Involvement 

Member, University of Alberta General Safety Committee

Chair, Department Safety Committee

AGP Unit Management Committee

Plant Growth Committee


Dr. Urmila Basu manages the AFNS central labs and the Genomics Unit. The central labs support the state-of-the-art research utilizing genomics and proteomics, HPLC and gas chromatography, plant growth facilities, animal and plant tissue culture, microbiology, human and animal nutrition, proximate analyses, sensory analysis, and product development and testing. She facilitates the management and implementation of high-throughput functional genomics technologies in multidisciplinary research projects for applications in crop and livestock improvement in the Agri-Food sector and is actively involved in collaborative research projects at the national and international level.  

The Genomics and Proteomics unit supports the faculty's innovative efforts by the Livestock Genomics, the Embryogene Network/The Swine Reproduction-Development Program and the Dairy Nutritional research Group for improving production efficiency of livestock, as well as developing animal products with improved nutritional qualities. Other important areas of research benefiting from this infrastructure include the Plant Biotechnology and Plant Pathology group creating crops with improved disease resistance and value added characteristics, Canola Breeding Program, Wheat Breeding Program, Functional Genomics and Microbiology group, Food microbiology, the Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals group, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The genomics unit infrastructure includes the next generation Sequencers, capillary sequencer, different platforms for SNP genotyping, the Agilent Tapestation and Bioanalyzer, Real time PCR systems and microarray analyses for gene expression analysis, QIAcube, 2-D gel analysis, multifunctional, laser based fluorescent imaging systems; and cell culture facility. 

Urmila brings 20+ years of extensive experience from her various roles at the University of Alberta, with advisory, research administration, and management responsibilities. She has played an active role in enhancing student engagement and learning through teaching graduate and undergraduate courses.