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Mark Poesch

Assistant Professor

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Renewable Resources

About Me

Job/Research Area: Biodiversity


Major Responsibilities/Research: Community ecology, aquatic conservation, fish and fisheries management, ecosystem modeling, landscape and spatial ecology, ecological methods.

My research focuses on freshwater aquatic systems where rates of species imperilment are several times higher than in terrestrial systems, and are comparable to species declines in tropical rain forests and coral reefs. My study organisms tend to relate to the project and question at hand, but I have experience working on several different aquatic taxa including fish (> 30 species), mussels (>20 species), benthic invertebrates and zooplankton. My research interests are focused in three general areas: 1) understanding the mechanisms relating to species loss (especially in relation to anthropogenic disturbance), 2) understanding how non-native species can disrupt ecological interactions, and 3) developing quantitative methods to help improve decision making for species conservation. Specific projects I have worked on in the past include: improving decision making for conservation-based models, such as those used to measure functional diversity (Poesch et al. 2009; Walker et al. 2008), or used to base assessment or recovery targets for species at risk of extinction (Poesch et al. 2008; 2007). I have also worked extensively on understanding the impacts of invasive species on aquatic communities, including on endangered fish and mussels (Poesch et al. 2009) and on behavioral interactions (Scott et al. 2005).