For Faculty and Staff

Faculty Evaluation Committee

  • Stan Blade, Dean, (FEC Committee Chair)
  • Ellen Macdonald, Chair, Renewable Resources
  • Peter Boxall, Chair, Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
  • Ruurd Zijlstra, Chair, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science
  • Deanna Williamson, Chair, Human Ecology
  • Solina Richter, External Representative (President Review Committee)
  • Rachel Milner, External Representative (FSO)
  • John Bell, Assistant Dean (Administration), Ex-officio

Elected Members

  • Mike Flannigan, RenR (until June 2017)
  • John Parkins, REES (until June 2018)
  • Leluo Guan, AFNS (until June 2017)
  • Spencer Proctor, AFNS (until June 2018)


APO Evaluation Committee