For Faculty and Staff

Travel Expenses

Travel activities are highly regulated by the University and in the case of research funding, by donor/sponsor restrictions. Donor/sponsor restrictions may differ from those of the University and determine the expense qualifications or criteria. In those cases where donor/sponsor restrictions do not address a particular situation, University policy and procedures will apply.

Please refer to the University of Alberta’s policies and procedures on Travel Expense Procedure for more detailed information on the following;
  1. Allowable travel expenses and payment options
  2. Travel advances
  3. Reimbursement of travel expenses
  4. Approval of travel expenses
  5. Financial adjustments and corrections
  6. Record retention
  7. Subsequent audit and adjustment

Note: The following links will provide detailed instructions on How to Complete a Travel Expense Claim.

Expense Claims - Employee Travel
Expense Claims – Non-Employee Travel: Non-Employee Travel Expense Instructions, Non Employee Travel Expense Form