For Faculty and Staff


The HR Unit assists with all aspects of hiring, from crafting the job ad to helping select and interview candidates and providing assistance to current employees.

Before hiring
When hiring for a position, you must first determine whether it falls under the research academic or trust administrator category. 

Consult the Support Staff Hiring Flow Chart to determine whether the support staff position you’re hiring for is a Casual or Auxillary Salary position.

Resources are available to help determine what to pay a new support staff position and a research academic position

You may also wish to consult the University of Alberta salary scales

Resources are also available when hiring a foreign national

When budgeting for hiring, salary is one element in the overall compensation package of University of Alberta staff members. For example, the average cost in addition to salary for academic staff is 20 per cent. More information is available to determine the costs in addition to salary for research support staff and operating support staff

After hiring

Once you’ve hired someone, please complete the New Hire Form

Some useful links for new employees: