ALES History


Strengthening the faculty's identity

1945 – Government programs help returning veterans enter universities; enrolment nearly doubles. 1946 – The 1st Bar None dance is held. Open to all students from across the university – hence the name “Bar None” -- the dance is the longest running event at the University of Alberta.

1947 – The first Varsity Guest Weekend is hosted by the Faculty of Agriculture, who puts on a field day to “give outsiders a picture of faculty activities.” It is so successful that the rest of campus adopts the idea in 1951.

1954 – The new Agriculture Building officially opens.

1955 – Dr. Roy Berg is hired. His research will revolutionize the conservative cattle industry. Using cross-breeding, he increases cattle’s productivity by 30 to 40 per cent.

1961 – The Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management is created, Travis Manning is the first Head.

1963 – War Supplies Agency recruits Dean Bentley and the Faculty of Agriculture to be a part of Food Coordination in the event of a nuclear emergency.

1964 – The Department of Dairying changes its name to the Department of Dairy and Food Science.

1965 – The new Household Economics Building opens

1965 - The Faculty of Agriculture celebrates its 50th Anniversary.