Quick Facts


Research Infrastructure


  • Edmonton Research Centre (South Campus) (600 acres)
    • Agri-Food Discovery Place
    • Crop and Land Resource Facility
    • Dairy Research and Technology Centre
    • Poultry Research Centre
    • Swine Research and Technology Centre
  • St. Albert Research Centre (800 acres)
  • Rangelands Research Institute – Mattheis Ranch (12,300 acres)
  • Roy Berg Kinsella Research Station (12,000 acres)
South Campus Aerial

An aerial view of the agricultural research facilities on South Campus.


  • Breton Plots
  • Crossley Forest
  • Devonian Botanic Garden
  • EMEND (forestry) Research Site
  • George Lake Research Site
  • Rose Creek Education Forest
  • Woodbend Forest

A photo-illustration of various forest research being conducted.

Textile Sciences

  • Protective Clothing and Equipment Research Facility
  • Textile Analysis Service


  • Clothing & Textiles Collection
  • Cy Hampson Wildlife Collection
  • Dendrology Collection
  • Soils Monolith Collection

Canada Research Chairs

Lingyun Chen, CRC in Plant protein Structure Function and Neutraceutical Delivery
Nadir Erbilgin, CRC in Forest Entomology
Michael Ganzle, CRC in Food Microbiology and Probiotics
Uwe Hacke, CRC in Tree-Water Relations
Brenda Parlee, CRC in Social Responses to Ecological Change
Randy Weselake, CRC in Agricultural Lipid Biotechnology
Ben Willing, CRC in Metabolism and Nutrition

Campus Alberta Innovation Program Chairs

David Olefeldt, CAIP Chair for Watershed Management and Wetland Restoration
Carla Prado, CAIP Chair for Nutrition, Food and Health
Jens Walter, CAIP Chair for Nutrition, Microbes and Gastrointestinal Health

NSERC Industrial Chairs

Simon Landhausser, NSERC/Capital Power/Oilsands Industrial Research Chair in Forest Land Management
Barb Thomas, NSERC Industrial Chair in Tree Improvement