Nov. 2, 2015: Leadership commitment to strategic planning process in place.

Session #1: A Strategic Planning Conversation (with faculty and department representatives).

Round one: Emerging Trends

Purpose: To begin the strategic planning process by presenting faculty and department views.

Round two: Stakeholder analysis
Outcome: We have many stakeholders. We want to know "who will be our stakeholders in five to ten years."

Round three: Stakeholder Survey Design

A survey to elicit internal and external stakeholder interests and views was constructed.

Round four: Prior years strategic planning

Outcome: The strategies from our previous plan were assessed; they are similarly organized around teaching, research and service.

Round five: one-on-one interviews with committee members
Outcome: Agreement on engagement survey plans including investment categories, stakeholder list for survey, additional questions for internal survey and timing of internal and external surveys.

Round six: Narrowing themes and directions

Outcome: Finalize survey content and a list of survey respondents.

Round seven: Stakeholder survey results

Strategic Plan survey results released.

Session #2: Faculty-wide Strategic Planning session: goals and objectives.

September 2016: University of Alberta's Strategic Plan, "For the Public Good", is released.

Session #3: Faculty-wide Strategic Planning session: values and people objectives.

Session #4: Faculty-wide strategic plan rollout event.
Consultation concludes - implementation begins. … Stay tuned.