Changes and challenges

1971 - The Department of Forest Science is established. Faculty becomes Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

1972 - The Clothing and Textiles Collection is founded. Currently, the collection spans over 350 years and contains 23,000 different pieces of clothing and textiles. It is the largest collection of its kind on a Canadian university campus.

1975 - The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology is renamed the Department of Rural Economy.

1976 - The School of Household Economics becomes the Faculty of Home Economics.

1980 - The Devonian Botanic Garden opens to the public.

1981 - The new Agriculture-Forestry Centre opens in October.

1993 - Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry unites with Faculty of Home Economics to become Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics.

1994 - Department of Forest Science merges with the Department of Soil Science to form the Department of Renewable Resources.

1995 - Quantum canola is released. Bred by Dr. Gary Stringam, the new variety literally saves the canola industry as it is resistant to black leg disease which is killing virtually all canola crops in Canada.

2002 - The Swine and Research Technology Centre opens on South Campus.

2006 - Agri-Food Discovery Place opens on South Campus.