Embracing the modern era

2007 - Faculty changes its name to the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences.

2008 - Faculty purchases 800 acres for a fraction of its market value from the Bocock family, who ran dairy farm on the land. The St. Albert Research Station will have agricultural and environmental research conducted on it.

2010 - Faculty receives a 12,000-acre ranch in SW Alberta from Edwin and Ruth Mattheis. The donation paves the way for the creation of the Rangeland Research Institute.

2011 - The Department of Rural Economy changes its name again to the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology (REES)

2015 - The Faculty celebrates its Centennial.

2017 - The new ALES Atrium opened. The mixed-media mosaic is by Burn Design Collective and is laid out like crops in a farmer's field as viewed from the air. View the mosaic legend which details the 84 squares.

ALES Atrium

2019 - Today, the Faculty has approximately 1,600 undergraduate students and approximately 540 graduate students.

The Faculty is composed of four departments:

The Faculty is also home to the University of Alberta Botanic Garden