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More muscle, more protein may improve odds of surviving cancer: study

Nutrition expert Carla Prado finds muscle mass and diet play crucial role in fighting cancer.

Statement from President Turpin

U of A deeply mourns following plane crash in Iran

Researchers create 'artificial cartilage' that can repair itself

New hydrogel made from forestry and fishing waste could help replace petroleum-based products from contact lenses to pill capsules.

Victor Lieffers: Protecting forests under fire

"The issue is not unsustainable logging. The problem is climate change."

Six ways to save your stomach from holiday food hangovers

Unhealthy eating during the festive season can throw off the balance in our gut bacteria. Try these tips from a registered dietitian to get it back on track.

Pine trees with larger resin ducts better able to survive mountain pine beetle attack

Discovery could help regenerate pine stands blighted by beetle attacks.

Polarizing language creating gridlock in energy debate, says U of A expert

Lightening up and avoiding hot-button labels could foster more rational discussion of Canada's energy future, says engineering professor trained in rhetorical analysis.

More than a quarter of young Canadians aged 15 to 19 are caregivers, ALES research shows

Caring for family members or friends poses challenges to teens' health, social development and educational prospects, U of A researcher finds.

Scientists find recipe for greener garden waste disposal

Adding manure and crop leftovers to leaves and clippings helps earthworms digest them-and speeds up composting by 80 per cent, researchers find.

What I did on my summer vacation

Researchers value summer as crucial time for field work, development.

Leaving more deadwood in forests enhances biodiversity: study

Increasing the amount of dead trees in protected forests boosts populations of species that depend on it for habitat, research review shows.

U of A grads among most employable in Canada, according to new QS rankings

University ranks second in graduate employment rate and employer-student connections.

Fish DNA in lake sediment can help determine native species, study shows

New research by U of A biologists could aid fish conservation efforts in provincial parks in Alberta and British Columbia.

Federal funding propels U of A researchers project turning biowaste into jet fuel

ALES Bioresource scientist David Bressler's work among 23 projects receiving $27 million from Western Economic Diversification Canada.

U of A professor partnering on high-performance military fabrics

High-tech body armour project opportunity for collaboration on research to keep Canadian soldiers safe.

Why you should think twice before trying home canning

There are safer ways to preserve summer produce, according to U of A experts who offer four alternatives.

Changing partners doesn't change relationship dynamics, study shows

New romances eventually follow patterns similar to old ones, according to U of A relationship researcher who led eight-year study.

'She was fearless': Grad's dogged fight against mountain pine beetle inspires a new generation of students

A scholarship set up in memory of Anina Hundsdoerfer ensures her vital work lives on at UAlberta

U of A researcher using AI to get a step ahead of wildfires

New tools could map out complex weather data to help firefighters predict where forest fires are likely to break out.

Seismic lines helped butterflies survive Fort McMurray wildfire, study shows

Cleared corridors used to locate oil reserves were mostly undamaged and provided refuge for plants and insects as surrounding forest burned, ALES researcher finds.

Why plastic bags are so hard to get rid of

Easy to make and convenient to use, petroleum-based plastics have no obvious alternative-but that's slowly changing, say researchers.

Pine trees send chemical warning to each other when pine beetles attack

New U of A research first to show that lodgepole pines release chemicals to warn related trees of threat and help them boost defences.

Plant-based alternatives won't replace meat anytime soon, say ALES experts Dr. Anders & Dr. Goddard.

Products like Beyond Meat are making a big splash in the market and the media, but changing eating habits will take longer, study shows.

Environmental research boosts U of A standing in latest Shanghai rankings

ALES Faculty ranked 33rd in the world for Agricultural Sciences. Engineering, MBA, agriculture, earth science and nursing programs among standouts in new subject rankings.

Newly discovered cattle genes could be keys to more sustainable beef industry

ALES researcher Leluo Guan's team has discovered series of genes that could help make cattle farming cheaper and more sustainable.

Why you shouldn't kill your friendly neighbourhood spiders

They may creep us out, but spiders in Alberta are mostly harmless to humans and helpful to the ecosystem, says U of A expert.

Chemicals found in fungus could help in battle against mountain pine beetle

Renewable Resources professor Nadir Erbilgin comments in a story about the widespread destruction - an area twice the size of Scotland.

Community energy big renewable opportunity for rural Canada

U of A project could inspire municipalities, landowners and Indigenous communities.

Cutting back forest in southern Rockies could cut risk of severe wildfires: study

Restoring grasslands lost to encroaching coniferous forest over the last 100 years could reduce risk of high-intensity fires by half, new research suggests.

U of A researchers create encyclopedia of milk

New online database lists more than 2,000 chemical compounds in one of the world's most popular drinks-including 168 never before reported. U of A immunobiologist Burim Ametaj (AFNS) was one of the scientists who worked on this study.

Why you might want to leave those dandelions alone

Birds, bees and butterflies can all benefit from the hardy yellow blooms, says UABG horticulturist.

Diets of nearly half of South Asian immigrants are unhealthy, study suggests

Despite eating more fruits and vegetables than average Canadians, South Asian populations in Alberta are getting too many daily calories from processed food, U of A nutrition experts find.

Carla Prado one of Canada's Top 40 Under 40

The dietitian and clinical nutrition researcher is looking at how to prevent and reverse muscle loss that can lead to serious health problems.

Communities and homeowners can plan for wildfires

"If fire is possible in an area, then let's plan for it."

Satellites, artificial intelligence and human decisions: the future of wildfire management in Alberta

Researchers are looking to technology and education to help prepare for the increasing number of fires predicted

Congratulations to the new chair of REES

Dr. John Parkins takes the reins July 1, 2019

Food insecurity linked with low self-esteem in children study

Children in households with uncertain access to nutritious food are twice as likely to have low self-esteem and less likely to believe they can make healthy choices, new research shows.

How to keep your lawn green and healthy

U of A Botanic Garden head of horticulture offers tips on how to win the perennial battle to keep your lawn looking its best.

Cheese may help control blood sugar

ALES researcher Catherine Chan and her colleagues studied how cheese affected insulin sensitivity

Can You Tell a CRA Agent from a Scam Artist?

Phishing emails and phone calls are some of a scammer's favourite tricks. Learn how to spot them and protect yourself from tax fraud.

This long, cold winter won't affect the 2019 fire season, says expert

ALES professor and wildland fire expert Mike Flannigan wants people to be vigilant and prepare for a wildfire season that peaks in May.

Rare butterfly species more abundant in older wider seismic lines

Renewable Resources post-doctoral fellow Federico Riva discovered that cranberry blue butterflies appear to exploit the extra sunshine and more diverse plant life provided by these corridors cleared of trees and shrubs.

Building on current practices best way to address climate change in agriculture

Dean Blade elected as international fellow in Sweden

New chair position aims to improve crop yield and quality

Innovative research and training part of the plan moving forward

14 U of A clean energy projects receive funding boost

Included is ALES' David Bressler for the Alberta Biojet Initiative: Upgrading of University of Alberta's LTH Technology to Biojet

Films look at therapeutic value of sentimental objects in seniors' lives

"Objects hold memories and can link to past experiences, can remind a person and others of who they are."

Mutual appreciation key to saving marriage after a stroke study shows

Sudden role reversal can be hard on both partners, says U of A researcher who offers tips to help couples adapt to their new reality.

What to wear to keep warm in winter

Tips on how to layer up and stay toasty

A year in Europe a transformative experience

Students enjoy culture, education and travel through TransFor-M program