Celebrating Staff: Cristine Myhre

Get to know Cristine Myhre, the faculty alumni engagement partner for both the Faculty of ALES and the Faculty of Science.

Tia Lalani - 08 September 2022

Cristine Myhre's connection to the Faculty of ALES runs deep — although her position may be new, she has worked for the Office of Alumni Relations for 15 years, during which she has spent eight years working with ALES alumni. 

Now assigned to the portfolio of the Office of the Vice-President (External Relations), Cristine is continuing to do what she does best — connecting with our alumni by planning events, activities and touchpoints and finding meaningful ways to reach them. 

Learn a bit more about Cristine, her role and the passion she has for ALES below.  

A photo of Cristine in a pink sweater vest in front of leaves.What is your job title and area?

Faculty alumni engagement partner for the faculties of ALES and Science (VP External Relations)

How long have you worked for the Faculty of ALES?

I've been working for the Office of Alumni Relations for 15 years and it's been my pleasure to be assigned to work with ALES for the past eight years.

What is a typical day on campus like for you?

I go back and forth from Enterprise Square (where Alumni Relations lives) to AgFor and Science and to venues across campus. I get in a lot of steps.

What's the most common question people ask you about your job?

"Uh, what exactly do you do?" I'm responsible for all activities involving outreach to our graduates. This usually means I plan events and activities to connect our alumni with the faculty and to share the awesome research and impact we have with them, as well as engage them with our work. I help to execute our endowed lectures such as the Empey or Bentley lectures and plan our annual U of A Days (formerly Alumni Weekend) alumni gatherings. I also work with alumni to plan class reunions. Ensuring we have positive and meaningful relationships with our alumni is great for the faculty in many ways, including helping us to find internship hosts and mentors for our students, guest speakers and industry connections for our professors and researchers and, of course, donors to support our students and research.

Favourite memory from work?

I hosted an ALES alumni dinner in Lethbridge and discovered one of my cousins is a grad — that was fun!

Favourite thing about working at the Faculty of ALES?

The friendly people and amazing diversity of our work.