Let's Talk Teaching: Linda Gorim

Hear from Linda Gorim, a Western Grains Research Foundation Chair in Cropping Systems who believes in the power of experiential learning.

Tia Lalani - 06 September 2022

Although crop science students study fieldwork and field equipment in the classroom, gaining exposure to photos and videos that teach them about the tools of the trade, many of them graduate without getting the chance to get their hands dirty. Linda Gorim is looking to change that. 

As an agronomist and the Western Grains Research Foundation Chair in Cropping Systems, Gorim is working to solve the complex issues facing our crop producers. However, she's just as passionate about allowing students the opportunity to get hands-on experience — both in the field and in the industry they're interested in. 

Learn more about her research and teaching program below.  

A photo of Linda Gorim wearing a purple top.What do you teach?

My recent and current courses include WKEXP 988 (Work Experience in Agriculture) and PLSC 210 (Exploring Field Crop Agronomy)

What do you love about your field?

I love working together with crop producers to find solutions to complex problems and building young agronomists by exposing them to different experiences and opportunities — both inside and outside the classroom.

What should students who are interested in this topic know?

You can't be an agronomist simply by reading textbooks or watching videos! Experience matters!

Tell us about your passion for teaching. What inspires you?

I am a storyteller. The more I learn from my experiences — including carrying out my research trials — the more I want to impact the next generation. Giving back to others is what inspires me.

What did you miss the most about teaching in person?

The face-to-face and being able to get the temperature of the room as your course progresses. I found this difficult to do during hybrid teaching.

How do you cultivate a community of practice with your fellow instructors?

By sharing my ideas with my colleagues and asking for input as well. We have also discussed taking a teaching course together.

What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

That I came from a broken home. I had a single father who dealt with alcoholism, which led me to act as a parent and raise my baby brother from the age of 10 months. My life has not been smooth sailing. 

Favourite thing about working at the Faculty of ALES?

ALES is a very supportive environment. You're able to have a close relationship with the Chair and your colleagues have got your back!