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The best gift I ever got: Mike Flannigan

Wildfire expert remembers the beloved holiday gift that sparked a Christmas conspiracy with his brother.

Green and Gold Garden receives Canada 150 recognition

Volunteers support Rwandan women by growing local produce to sell

How to avoid Yuletide melodrama

Relationship experts offer tips to prevent family tension from erupting into a full-blown meltdown over the holidays

WATCH: How to care for a Christmas tree

Learn how to care for a Christmas tree this holiday season.

Holiday food baskets: Beware the calorie bomb

You can enjoy those goodies without paying the price on your waistline, says dietitian. Here's how.

Annual ALES Awards celebrate staff and faculty

Teaching Hall of Fame also adds 2017 members

Cattle delayed a weekend before slaughter produce lower grade meat

Stress of multiple loading and unloading events may be to blame

WATCH: How to pick a Christmas Tree

Learn how to pick the best Christmas tree this holiday season.

Human Ecology student wins 2018 Rhodes Scholarship

Accomplished BSc undergrad will pursue graduate studies at University of Oxford

A bakery based on bugs

ALES-trained scientists launch business selling cricket-flour treats

Making food safe and tasty with fewer chemicals

New Canada Research Chair's goals align with consumers' desires

Innovation Awards shine spotlight on two ALES researchers

Nov. 16 event celebrates their latest patents for new technology

New trap for mountain pine beetles could help weaken their spread

Researchers change chemical recipe of baits and their placement to catch more of the destructive bugs.

Canada's forests vital to our national drinking water security

Visiting scholar to explain how and why during 40th annual Forest Industry Lecture

UAlberta wins national Quiz Bowl in forestry management

Students earn glory, plus useful skills and contacts

Communities in Mackenzie River Basin observe profound changes to fishing, waters

'Citizen science' documents major effects of climate change

Invasive Prussian carp damaging Alberta rivers

First evidence of harm to North American waters is worrisome for continental U.S.

Discover Faculty of ALES' wide array of programs during Open House, Oct. 21

We offer programs in environment, nutrition, textiles and family studies, as well as agriculture, animals

Remarkable results

These ALES achievers are outsanding in their fields, as reconized by their Alumni Awards.

Connecting the community

The University of Alberta celebrates its relationship with Edmonton at community event

Young researchers set to explain their game-changing ideas

Falling Walls event will select UAlberta participants for international finals

Why leaves change colours in the fall

... and why it's a good idea to rake them, among other facts about fall's golden cloak.

Lentils replace eggs and milk in baking process

UAlberta researchers pull animal-based products out of the mix

Nutrition and food science students help develop astronauts' food

Canadian Space Agency picks ALES students for prestigious internship, two years running

No magic pill for postpartum weight loss

Breastfeeding to aid weight loss is a myth,University of Alberta nutrition researchers find

Figuring out how climate change affects the fungi that feeds trees and absorbs carbon

It's one of more than 170 UAlberta research projects sharing in federal funds worth $26.1 million

Project Serve relieves many tensions new students feel

Popular one-day event starts friendships, boosts confidence

Seeing is believing

When science and speculation meet, sometimes the results can be disastrous. But in Food Evolution, the ideas of food security and GMOs is explored.

Trees chemistry puts mountain pine beetle in sticky situation

Discovery could mean lodgepole pine seedlings can be bred to survive attacks

Commentary: Bear 148 presents the hardest decision in wildlife management

Researchers say giving young habituated female grizzly another chance is latest example of unenviable decision making

Half of those considering divorce change their feelings within a year

Thoughts of divorce are common and dynamic, study says

Forest biology graduate students land shipboard post as Arctic scientists-in-residence

Dream trip will sail them through Northwest Passage

ALES student is one of 10 new Vanier scholars at UAlberta

PhD student's poultry study plus leadership qualities earned her a top award

Two plant biologists celebrated by national organizations

Awards recognize their advancements in research, teaching

Two UAlberta plant biologists celebrated by national organizations

Awards earned for advancements made in research, teaching

Dairy researcher honoured twice in two weeks

Six animal science students also receive high recognition

Largest migration of Painted Lady butterflies expected in over a dozen years

Entomologist asking public for help in finding out more about butterflies' travel habits

Flowers, berries, even nuisance plants a source of summer food

UAlberta horticulturist gives tips about edible plants, growing wild food

How to dig into sustainable food

Six ways to put local fare onto your plate

Build of new Aga Khan Garden reaches halfway point

Islamic-inspired garden is driving transformation at University of Alberta Botanic Garden

Study on women's empowerment in agriculture wins two awards

Women with inherited land rights wield more power in rural Peru, researcher finds

Canada on a plate

Celebrate the sesquicentennial with this all-Canadian salad dressing.

Being older not main reason some Canadians struggle with technology

Study shows it's more about income, education, opportunity

Conference shines spotlight on how to protect and manage the boreal forest

UAlberta hosting forestry scientists and managers from across North America

Mature student waves off life's curveballs on way to PhD

Her research explores how marriages change after a stroke

On-campus volunteer projects improved marks, sharpened focus

Work outside class prompted switch to environmental and conservation sciences

Connection to bicycles reinforces connection to self others and community

UAlberta grad student researches benefits of biking beyond exercise

ALES 2017 alumni award winners announced

Four alumni to be recognized in September for their achievements

Award-winning clothing design is sustainable and versatile

Flattering details meant to please a range of ages

'Antibiotic-free' meat unappetizing when it comes to animal welfare

Contrary to popular belief, consuming products from animals treated with antibiotics is not a threat to human health