BSc Environmental and Conservation Sciences - Land Reclamation Major Approved Program Electives (APE)


Approved Program Electives (APE) must be selected according to the following directions:

  • The total 100 and 200 level APEs cannot be greater than 2 courses(*6).
  • Any courses on this list that have already been taken/granted credit for as required program courses cannot be used as an APE.
  • Students must have any prerequisites listed in the calendar before taking a course; credit may be denied for courses without the appropriate prerequisites.
  • After minimum requirements are met in each category, remaining APE courses can be taken from any category listed below.
  • Always refer to Bear Tracks for the most up-to-date course information.

Optional Streams

  • Students in the Land Reclamation Major are required to take 15 units of Approved Program Electives.
  • Streams can help students select APE courses that best suit their career paths.
  • Streams are based on requirements to meet registration and practice areas with professional bodies including the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. Students should consider following one of the streams listed if they are interested in this designation.
  • The soil reclamation stream focuses on soil; it includes soil reclamation to meet regulatory requirements; soil development after reclamation; building Anthroposols (human-built soils) after major disturbances; reclaiming and managing natural saline, sodic and acidic soil problems.
  • The revegetation stream focuses on plants; it includes the selection of suitable plant species for revegetation; planting requirements and techniques; revegetation management; revegetating and managing plant communities for long-term development to maintain native ecosystems.
  • The contaminant remediation stream focuses on soil and water; it includes understanding basic biogeochemical principles that govern contaminant movement in soil and groundwater; selection and application of techniques for remediating and/or managing contaminated sites; risk management of contaminated sites.
  • Please see, or contact the AIA office (1-855-435-0606 or 780-435-0606) for more information.
  • Streams are optional and not required to meet graduation requirements.
Note that bolded courses are currently not approved by the Alberta Institute of Agrologists and will not be considered in meeting requirements for professional designation.

1. General Reclamation Stream

2. Soil Reclamation Stream

Soil Science (minimum 3 courses, maximum 5 courses)
Vegetation Science (maximum 1 course)

3. Revegetation Stream

Vegetation Science  (minimum 3 courses, maximum 5 courses)

4. Containment Remediation Stream

Chemistry (minimum 1 course