BSc Human Ecology - Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture Approved Program Electives (APE)


Approved Program Electives (APE) must be selected according to the following directions:

  • The total 100 and 200 level APEs cannot be greater than 2 courses (6 units).
  • Any courses on this list that have already been taken/granted credit for as required program courses cannot be used as an APE.
  • APE lists are updated annually by the Human Ecology Undergraduate Program Committee and students must use the most updated version of the list when selecting APE courses.
  • Students can either choose an area of concentration and complete all APEs from one category or take any combination of courses that fits their interests/goals. Please work with an academic or student advisor to choose courses that will work best for you.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring they complete any prerequisites associated with their chosen APEs.
  • Not all courses are offered every year. Students must take this into account when planning their programs.
  • Always refer to Bear Tracks for the most up to date course information.

Approved Subjects

  • ART – Any Course in Art
  • ANTHR – Any Course in Anthropology
  • DES – Any Course in Design (some DES courses may not be available to HECOL students)
  • EXRI – Any Course in Residential Interiors (please check with a student advisor which courses
    count as 2XX and 3XX level courses)
  • HADVC – Any Course in History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture
  • HECOL – Any Course in Human Ecology
  • HIST – Any Course in History
  • MARK – Any Course in Marketing
  • NS – Any Course in Native Studies
  • SOC – Any Course in Sociology
  • T DES – Any Course in Theatre Design
  • WGS – Any Course in Women and Gender Studies

Approved Courses


Any course from the University of Alberta Sustainability certificate program. For more information, see


Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) (*12). Students interested in the PLLC must apply for this program. For more information, see