BSc Human Ecology - Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture Approved Program Electives (APE)


Approved Program Electives (APE) must be selected according to the following directions:

  • The total 100 and 200 level APEs cannot be greater than 1 course (*3).
  • Any courses on this list that have already been taken/granted credit for as required program courses cannot be used as an APE.
  • APE lists are updated annually by the Human Ecology Undergraduate Program Committee and students must use the most updated version of the list when selecting APE courses.
  • Students can either choose an area of concentration and complete all APEs from one category or take any combination of courses that fits their interests/goals. Please work with an academic or student advisor to choose courses that will work best for you.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring they complete any prerequisites associated with their chosen APEs.
  • Not all courses are offered every year. Students must take this into account when planning their programs.
  • Always refer to Bear Tracks for the most up to date course information.


HECOL Courses

Apparel Design and Construction


Clothing and Textile Science


Fashion Business



  • EXRI 3499 Universal Design (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 3510 Computer-Assisted Design (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 3588 Green Design (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 3597 Surface and Textile Design (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4676 Introduction to Residential Interior Design (HECOL 2XX)
  • EXRI 4677 Basic Drawing Drafting and Presentation (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4678 Colour Theory and Application (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4679 Space Planning (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4680 Products and Finishes (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4681 Business Practice (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4682 History of Residential Furnishings (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4683 Building Construction (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4685 Design Studio: Residential Project (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4697 Lighting (HECOL 3XX)
  • EXRI 4699 Computer-Assisted Design II (HECOL 3XX)


Material Culture and Design Studies including Fashion History



Any course from the University of Alberta Sustainability certificate program. For more information, see



Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) (*12). Students interested in the PLLC must apply for this program. For more information, see