Undergraduate Degree Programs

Food Science & Technology Specialization

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science,Food Science & Technology Specialization

Develop the skills you need to succeed with technology and systems used in food manufacturing, preservation, distribution and more.

Please note that this is not a direct-entry program. All applicants are required to complete some post-secondary pre-professional learning. Please review the admission requirements for more information.

As a student in this four-year program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply chemistry, microbiology, and engineering to the technological processes used in the manufacturing, preservation, storage and distribution of food products.
  • Learn about food product development, sensory analysis, and nutritional content analysis.
  • Develop expertise in ensuring the safety and quality food during the production process.

Popular Courses

Introduction to Food Engineering, Innovations in Food Science and Food Product Development are some of the most popular courses in this program.

More course are available in the program's full course listing. Please visit the Faculty's course listing and descriptions for more information about each course.