ALES Abroad

Semester in the North

Spend a semester in Whitehorse at Yukon College getting hands on experience and credit towards your degree. Course offerings include:

  • REN R 364: Principles for Managing Natural Diversity
  • REN R 307: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • NS 435: Management of Aboriginal Natural Resources
  • REN R 401 (Northern Avian Ecology)
  • REN R 401 (Science Policy and Canada’s North, Human Dimensions)
  • REN R 401 (Beringia: Pleistocene Environment and Paleo-Ecology)
  • REN R 463: Biological Adaptation to Northern Environments
  • REN R 465: Northern Exposures Field School
  • REN R 491: Land-Use Planning in Canada’s North

January 4, 2017- April 7, 2017 (exams until April 21, 2017)

Open to ENCS, Forestry, BA students (limited spaces). Specific course credits to be determined in conjunction with your advisor.

Approximate Cost
Flights: approximately $600
Housing (Yukon College): $535/month
Tuition: standard UAlberta fees approx. $3000 ($532/course plus fees)

Application Deadline: November 4, 2016