Travel with ALES

Semester in the North

Spend a semester in Whitehorse at Yukon College getting hands on experience and credit towards your degree, with students in the Northern ENCS Program. Course offerings include:

  • REN R 365: Ecology of Northern Landscapes
  • REN R 401: Ecology and Conservation of Northern Mammals
  • REN R 401: Topics in Renewable Resources - Individual Study
  • REN R 465: Northern Exposures Field School
  • REN R 466: Climate Change and the Circumpolar World
  • REN R 468: Management and Conservation of Genetic Resources
  • R SOC 375: Public Participation and Conflict Resolution
  • ALES 204: Communication Fundamentals for Professionals
  • ALES 291: Math for the Life Sciences
  • AREC 365: Natural Resource Economics

Additional courses offered by Yukon College are also available to students.

January 3, 2018- April 12, 2018 (exams until April 25, 2018)

Open to ENCS, Forestry, BA students (limited spaces available). Specific course credits to be determined in conjunction with your advisor.

Approximate Cost
Flights: approximately $600
Housing (Yukon College): approx. $535-$585/month
Tuition: standard UAlberta fees approx. $3000 ($532/course plus fees)
Yukon College fees: approx. $60 (registration and technology access)

Application Deadline: October 1st, 2017