CR/NC FAQ for students


Why are we not allowed to choose between a letter grade and CR/NC?

This University wide decision was made by the General Faculties Council Executive Committee to ensure equity among all students, to preserve academic integrity and to manage the issues presented by an uncertain future including the impact on students. More information about this decision is on the university’s list of Frequently Asked Questions.

I have worked really hard this semester - can I apply for an exception so I can get a letter grade rather than a CR/NC?

The Faculty of ALES cannot grant exceptions to the CR/NC grading on your transcript. We are working closely with related professional accreditation bodies to ensure graduates will still have registration opportunities provided they meet all graduation requirements. 

What is the benefit of a CR/NC rather than just withdrawing (W)?

A grade of CR (indicating “credit”) means that you have completed the work in the course and satisfied the competencies.  You  get credit (*3) if you get a grade of CR for the course, and it will count towards program requirements and prerequisites. 

A grade of NC (indicating “no credit”) means that you either did not complete the required work in the course or did not satisfy the requirements.  You will not get credit for the course, and it will not count towards program requirements and prerequisites.  

If you withdraw, a “W” will appear on your transcript, indicating that you withdrew from the class.  You will not receive credit for the course, and will be required to take it again if it is needed to complete your degree requirements. You do have the option to withdraw from the course, get a W on your transcript, and retake the course at a later date to receive a letter grade. This decision will be up to you.

What is the difference between NC and Withdrawal?

‘NC’ or “no credit” means you remained in the course but did not achieve the learning outcomes or mastery to pass the course. A ‘W’ or withdrawal means you removed yourself from the course before the course finished.  Grades of NC and W are not included in the computation of any GPA. 

What is the cut off to get CR? 

A CR grade means that you have successfully completed the course requirements. Those requirements should be indicated in the revised syllabus provided by instructors. Students should contact their instructor for specific information about how the cutoff between NC and CR will be determined.


I needed the winter term GPA to keep me in good standing in my program, will I still graduate from that program?

As long as you have completed *120 (inclusive of the courses for which you receive CR) and all other program requirements have been met, you will be eligible for graduation. If you received a grade of NC and the result is you are short credits, you will not be cleared to graduate. For 2019/20,The Faculty of ALES will calculate graduation GPAs using a student’s most recently completed and graded *45 credits. Students who do not present the graduation average required for their program on their most recent *45 graded credits, may still be eligible to graduate. 

If a student’s Graduation GPA is 3.45 or greater, the student will have met the requirement to convocate with Distinction.

If a student’s Graduation GPA is not satisfactory (below 2.0) then the Faculty will review each situation on a case by case basis to determine if convocation is appropriate. This could include considering previous coursework (prior to the Grad GPA period), considering performance in Winter 2020 courses, or other options appropriate for, and consistent with, each Faculty’s guidelines and requirements.

Continuation/Academic Standing


The academic standing process will run for any students who completed at least *9 credits of graded course-work in the Fall 2019 term. 

Students with a 2.0 or higher will be considered in satisfactory standing. Students with a GPA below 2.0 will not be assessed academic standing this year and will be allowed to continue in their program. All transcripts will provide a yearly GPA based on your Fall term courses.

Students with less than *9 credits of graded coursework will not be assessed academic standing and will continue in their program next year without consequence.

I needed the winter term GPA to keep me in good standing in my specialization/honors program.  Will I still remain in that program?

Yes, as long as you have met your maintenance GPA in the Fall term and present CR in all of your winter term classes, you will be considered in good academic standing. 

*Please note, students in the Dietetics Specialization must present a 2.7 or higher in the Fall term and CR in all winter term courses to be considered in satisfactory academic standing. Students with grades of NC in any courses should speak with their student advisor for how this will influence standing within their program

I am on Academic Warning and did well in the Fall term. Will I clear Academic Warning?

Students on academic warning who present a 2.0 or higher based on Fall term grades will clear warning. Students below a 2.0 will be allowed to continue in their program under academic warning and will be assessed to clear their warning status at the end of the 2020/2021 academic year. 

I am on probation and did well in the Fall term. Will I clear probation? 

Students on probation who present a 2.0 or higher based on at least *9 graded credits in the Fall term will clear their probation. Students below a 2.0 will be allowed to continue in their program under academic warning and will be assessed to clear their probation status at the end of the 2020/2021 academic year. 


How will my admission into the Faculty of ALES be evaluated?

Our process is to review fall term grades (and any prior F/W) and determine if you are admissible based on the program requirements outlined in the calendar. If you are admissible at that time, we will be able to offer you early admission. The CR/NC policy does not change this. 

All UAlberta students with a 2.0 in their Fall term, who have taken at least *9 credits will be considered for admission. 

I am taking prerequisite courses to get into graduate school or a professional program and the grades I get are used for admission. Will I be okay if I get CR? What if I withdraw?

Only the Faculty responsible for administering the program can answer these questions. In the case of this example, you need to contact the appropriate graduate program. Most post secondary institutions in North America have experienced the same disruption as the University of Alberta, and so all will need to recognize that Winter 2020 must be treated generously.  

For admission inquires related to ALES graduate programs, please contact

I have an application into another faculty, how will that be impacted?

The receiving faculty (or other institution) retains the authority to decide how they are going to admit. You will need to contact them directly to understand how they are managing admissions.


Dietetics Specialization CR/NC FAQ


All students who have applied to the Dietetics Specialization for Fall 2020 had their initial admission GPAs calculated on Fall 2019 and previous grades. Any applicants with a 2.7 admission GPA and higher, who had submitted complete application packages, were forwarded to the admissions committee for review and MMI invitation consideration.

Historically winter term grades were only used to verify that applicants forwarded for review maintained the 2.7 GPA needed for admission to the Dietetics Specialization. While we will be checking to confirm that a grade of CR has been obtained in all pre-professional courses, we will not be recalculating admission GPAs. This is to the benefit of all applicants, as no students will be disqualified from MMIs based on winter term grades (excluding NC grades in pre-professional courses).

What will the MMI look like this year? Can I travel home and not have to come back should I get an interview?

Web-based interviews will be utilized in place of in-person interviews. Students selected for interviews are responsible for ensuring they have a reliable internet connection, camera, and microphone. Further information will be provided to students selected for interviews.

How will academic standing be managed for the Dietetics Specialization this year?

This year’s approach deviates from the normal standards for Academic Standing in the Dietetics Specialization. The approach, outlined below, is fair to students and does not penalize those students who could have reasonably expected to achieve a 2.7 GPA over the two terms combined.

  • Any student who obtained a GPA of 2.7 or better in Fall term will remain in Satisfactory Academic Standing
  • Students below 2.7 will not be considered in good academic standing, and may apply for admission to the NUFS General Program. *Please note that students may appeal this decision to the Associate Dean, Academic.

How will cr/nc affect placements/jobs/registering with the Alberta College of Dietitians?

CR/NC grades will not influence how placements are decided and generally have no impact on job prospects. The Faculty is working closely with the Alberta College of Dietitians to ensure students are eligible for registration upon graduation.

How will my Fall 2021 admission GPA be calculated?

Fall 2021, admission GPAs will initially be calculated on Fall 2020 term grades only. Students must present at least a 2.7 admission GPA for their completed application to be forwarded to the Dietetics Specialization Admission Committee.

Admission GPAs will be re-calculated at the end of the Winter 2021 term to include all Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 grades to ensure applicants maintain the 2.7 admission GPA needed for admission to this program.

Winter 2020 grades will not be considered in this calculation.