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Dietetic Internship

*Nutrition Majors Only

Please note this information is strictly for students who were admitted to the Nutrition Major.

These students are not guaranteed an internship and therefore must apply for one. [This program is no longer available and is currently being phased out.] Students admitted after Fall 2015 should consult our Dietetics Specialization.

If you are not currently a student in ALES and you would like to become a Registered Dietitian, please learn more about the Dietetics Specialization.

We are not able to provide internship opportunities to students already holding nutrition degrees from other institutions. Please contact the College of Dietitians of Alberta for further support. Foreign-trained Dietitians must contact the College of Dietitians of Alberta to be assessed prior to contacting our Faculty. After assessment, they may contact us for further support.

Internship Program Details

Eligibility Requirements & Selection Criteria
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This dietetic education program is an accredited program recognized by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) and prepares students for eligibility for registration with a provincial dietetics regulatory body.