Knowledge Mobilization and Parks

Parks are considered one of the most effective approaches for protecting key ecological processes and slowing biodiversity loss. However, parks play other essential roles such as provision of fresh water and source material for biomedical innovation; mitigation of the effects of climate change by reducing the impacts of disease migration, droughts and storm events; and delivery of restorative and developmental benefits to humans.

Park-related knowledge mobilization (KM) is needed for effective park management, and human factors should be accounted for, the goal of this project is to enhance the generation and use of knowledge, especially social science, local and Indigenous knowledge, for parks and protected areas policy, planning, and management. By extending established park agency-researcher relationships and creating new connections, this project will create a multidisciplinary, inter-institutional, cross-sectoral partnership to elevate park-related KM in Canada and globally.

This project is funded by a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant.

Project lead is Elizabeth Halpenny

Role of the ACSRC: Co-applicant