Rural Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Rural Broadband Portal?

The Rural Broadband Portal is a tool that systematically sorts curated literature in a way that makes specific policy suggestions. The literature is easily found through categories that reflect common themes that appear in Broadband Literature. The database was curated by the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities.

How will the portal help me make decisions on rural broadband?

The Rural Broadband Portal provides support to policy-makers, community and economic development officers, and other rural stakeholders to engage in evidence-informed design and decision-making about the next generation of rural internet provision. With hundreds of resources provided about broadband, stakeholders can rely on the portal for relevant sources and information on the best approaches to broadband uptake.

Am I able to download my selected documents?

Yes, you are able to download documents.

How do I use the portal?

Video instructions to the Rural Broadband Portal are available.

Are the search categories defined?

Yes, each category is defined in the attached document.