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Broadband internet is no longer a luxury, but a basic requirement for everyday economic, social and cultural activities. Through generous support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the ACSRC has engaged in rural broadband research in Canada examining broadband, beyond infrastructure, and into social impacts and benefits.

Broadband should be considered a priority for community development and an important space for interaction and innovation. Broadband is not just for economic development. Rural residents desire broadband that is accessible, affordable, and relevant. As each community is unique, differentiated broadband solutions are needed in rural areas. New and modified policies should be responsive and customizable to individual community needs as those needs evolve over time.

Addressing those needs, through further support from the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development, the ACSRC reviewed over 500 pieces of literature related to broadband development and socio-economic impacts. These resources have been compiled into a database called the Rural Broadband Portal.

The Rural Broadband Portal is a tool that systematically sorts Broadband related literature and research for unique interventions and policy suggestions. Through the Rural Broadband Portal, the ACRSC aims to assist policy makers, stakeholders, and their communities to make research driven policy related to broadband development.

Rural Broadband Portal

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