Rural Capacity Province-Wide Survey

The ACSRC is working on a study to assess how communities in Alberta are able to self-motivate and create capacity to implement change to meet their goals. Rural communities represent and important social, economy and cultural component of Alberta. Communities' resilience to change or ability to sustain themselves with their own policy making, their capacity to make improvement to infrastructure, education, environmental sustainability, and to generally improve quality of life and health of citizens are of particular importance to policy makers. By completing this survey it is the hope of the ACSRC that a community's assessment of their ability or capacity to make changes in the community and implement them effectively will be an important indicator of the health and sustainability of communities in rural Alberta.

To collect information in these areas, we have sent out a survey to over 300 communities in Alberta and have asked that they assess their communities. Survey results may help researchers determine how rural Alberta is able to adapt to change and better themselves in the areas of health, environmental, education, and many other factors. In a broader sense, it could ultimately result in improved public policy to promote community autonomy and resiliency.