Taking the Next Steps Conference - Phase 2

SSHRC granted a second 1-year extension to the 'Taking the Next Steps' project (TTNS). As a result, the ACSRC hired two University of Alberta students (1 in the winter semester & 1 for the spring/summer) to continue an on-going assessment of sustainability plan implementation in communities across Canada. As a result of the students work, the ACSRC has developed an archive of sustainability plans from across the country and in partnership with other organizations worked on identifying common themes, and 'emerging practices' from the work being done in rural communities. The ACSRC plans on launching an online database of Canadian sustainability plans in late summer 2012.

In addition, TTNS organizers hosted a second meeting to discuss the results of the aforementioned assessment and to further explore how community-university relationships working in this area (of sustainability planning, policy and implementation) could consider moving forward, including the possibility of funding for a national rural initiative, increased knowledge transfer, and networking between rural communities, researchers and policymakers. The event took place in Toronto (due to ease of transport in the winter and "centrality") pm January 23 and 24, 2012.

This conference is taking place with the financial support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, File No. 605-2009-0014