Intersectoral Collaboration (Jasper Collaborative Team)

Inspired by the eight principles of the Canadian population health approach, healthcare and social services professionals in Jasper, AB began a paradigm shift fifteen years ago by setting up an intersectoral collaboration (IC) for community development through the implementation of the Jasper Collaborative Team (JCT). This collaboration now includes 36 partners. Jasper's model is one of the earliest ICs developed in Canada. It is the most comprehensive and enduring IC known worldwide. The focus of the Jasper IC is on wellness in all age groups in the community. To this end, the community delivery model is inclusive of acute and chronic care along with health promotion, maternal and child health, teen and senior health, and care of vulnerable populations.

Other communities have expressed interest in adopting the Jasper model. However, they require evidence from a systematic evaluation of long-term functionality and details of the developmental and implementation processes, and outcomes to take the next step. An earlier grant allowed for Stage 1 of this evaluation process to take place. Stage one (held in 2012 and 2013) helped identify validated instruments to use in stage 2 of the evaluation process. Stage 2 (the subject of this grant proposal) of our evaluation will contribute knowledge to the theory and practice of intersectoral collaboration and has the potential to both inspire and inform other community collaborations in rural Alberta, if not across Canada.