Continuing Care Needs Reference Group

The primary role of the Community Needs Driven Research Network for Continuing Care Needs Reference Group is the identification of issues, challenges, practices with insufficient formal evidence, and areas that need information to inform practice in continuing care. This project is in partnership with Sandra Woodhead Lyons of ICCER (Institute for Continuing Care Education and Research)

The primary activities of the Needs Reference Group are to: establish working relationships with continuing care providers throughout Alberta, consult with provider organizations regarding needs at the front-line worker, clinician and management levels, provide a forum to identify issues facing continuing care, aggregate, characterize and prioritize input from consultations, recommend a prioritized set of issues judged to be appropriate for further investigation to the CNDRN Research Reference Group, evaluate and monitor outcomes and results, evaluate best practices in KT and the most appropriate methods for each of the target audiences (e.g. front line workers, management, clinicians, etc.), oversee Knowledge Translation from the Research Reference Group to the providers of the province, and act as an advocate and champion for providers in the Network.