Food Security and Rural Seniors Living Independently

This research project proposes to examine the issue of food security/insecurity for rural seniors living independently, a population and context that has largely been ignored. It will take place in Grey, Bruce, Perth and Huron Counties. This study is exploratory and will look to engage multiple perspectives by engaging primary care providers, public health professionals, home care workers, service providers, municipal planners and seniors through interviews and/or focus groups. Interview and focus group data will be analyzed through a constant comparison methodology and triangulation will be conducted by comparing the emergent themes among the various stakeholders. In addition, the services currently providing support as it relates to food security in the 4 counties will be identified, mapped and service gaps identified. Once the research is completed, webinars will be conducted for each of the audiences identified in the letter of intent in addition to the various stakeholder groups with a focus on the 4 counties.

This project is funded by an Ontarion Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Research Grant.

Project lead is Al Lauzon

Role of the ACSRC: Co-applicant