Joining forces to establish a new international diabetes research school

The Alberta Diabetes Institute and Helmholtz Diabetes Center in Munich are joining forces to establish the International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes.

08 May 2018

The Alberta Diabetes Institute at the University of Alberta, Edmonton and the Helmholtz Diabetes Centre at HelmholtzZentrum München located in Munich, Germany, are joining forces to establish the International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes.

Evoked by the current pandemic of diabetes and aligned with the existing grand challenges in translational diabetes research, this research school provides an interdisciplinary and internationally cutting-edge scientific and training environment for future world leaders in diabetes research.

Peter Light, director of the Alberta Diabetes Institute, anticipates graduates will become leaders in the field and spearhead future research to overcome diabetes in the long run.

"This new training partnership, between two elite diabetes research centres, represents an amazing opportunity for our trainees to receive multidisciplinary international training. By joining forces through this training program, we will be able to foster new research collaborations between laboratories as we search for new ways to prevent, treat and ultimately cure diabetes."

    Networking on an international scale

    Networking on an international scale, with financial support for attending international conferences and for research stays at other institutions, will enable the students to establish international contacts and to develop a scientific network. A 6-month mobility program between the international partners will promote the interdisciplinary work on doctoral projects, enable technology and transfer of know-how and will provide an invaluable international research experience for the students.

    The International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes will provide students with:

    • Regular career mentoring
    • Development of leadership, management and communications skills
    • Supervision and mentoring by a personal Thesis Committee to provide necessary direction and security
    • Student encouragement to further develop their projects, explore new directions and to develop scientific independence

    Training the next generation of diabetes researchers

    The combination of research at these two facilities allows for the generation and planning of outstanding dissertation topics as research in Munich and Alberta is centered on the key challenges in today's diabetes research and state-of-the-art technologies and approaches. In addition, Helmholtz and the Alberta Diabetes Institute faculty represent world leaders in diabetes research with long-standing expertise in the successful training of young researchers.

    Call for applications

    The Call for Applications from the Helmholtz Diabetes Center in Munich begins May 10, 2018 with a target date for starting the PhD program in early 2019. A similar call from the Alberta Diabetes Institute will be in early 2019.

    Canada-Munich Diabetes Research Exchange May 2018

    The Alberta Diabetes Institute welcomes eight PhD candidates from the International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes on May 12-19, 2018 in a Canada-Munich Diabetes Research Exchange. Students will be sharing their research, hearing lectures from Institute scientists, taking part in technical training and attending career development workshops.

    Students will also be introduced to the Institute's Clinical Research Unit and the Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing facility to gain a perspective of the strong translational focus of the Institute. The exchange will offer students from both the Helmholtz Center and the Alberta Diabetes Institute the opportunity to team-build and learn from each other, as well as the chance to spend time together at social events.

    Student visit open lectures

    A series of joint seminars and lectures will be held during the week that are open to all PIs and trainees. For more information about the open lectures, please visit Canada-Munich Diabetes Research Exchange May 2018 Featured Event webpage.