The Alberta Diabetes Institute brings together one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of scientists and facilities for conducting diabetes research, yet no one center is capable of doing everything. The Institute works with numerous partners locally, nationally and internationally to pursue its mission through collaborative research.

Members belong to a number of groups that are formally partnered with the Alberta Diabetes Institute. These are self-administered and are well-recognized for their contributions towards diabetes research in specialized areas.

Alliance for Canadian Health Outcomes Research in Diabetes (ACHORD)

ACHORD is internationally recognized for its work in diabetes epidemiology, health and economic policy, and health outcomes research. Led by Dr Jeff Johnson, this multidisciplinary research consortium conducts population health research that transects government and academia, and focuses on how health delivery and standard of care practices impact quality of life of diabetes patients.

For more information on ACHORD please visit their website achord.ca.

Canadian Obesity Network (CON)

Canada’s largest obesity association, made up of healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers, and people with an interest in obesity. Dr Arya Sharma, is the founder and Scientific Director of CON, a network that now boasts over 10 000 obesity researchers, health professionals, and other stakeholders.

For more information on CON please visit their website obesitynetwork.ca.

Provincial and National Programs at the University of Alberta