The Alberta Diabetes Institute is housed in over 9000 square meters of space found within the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation, located on the north campus of the University of Alberta.

Working Under One Roof

Construction of this impressive seven-floor structure was completed in 2007, and it is now the largest freestanding diabetes research institute in Canada, with leading diabetes clinicians and researchers working together under one roof.

Bench to Bedside to Community

The Institute was designed with a clear vision in mind: a bench-to-bedside to-community approach to diabetes research. In addition to providing space for core services, the facility offers wet lab space to support discovery research, clinical research facilities, and dry lab space for community health researchers.

Optimal training environment

Not only does the Institute enable translational research, it also provides young scientists with an optimal training environment.

By bringing together peers and mentors from multiple disciplines and providing direct access to equipment and technical expertise, scientists are well supported to conduct cutting edge research. The Alberta Diabetes Institute is one of the world’s most comprehensive and integrated research facilities dedicated to translating discovery research into practical health solutions for diabetes patients.