Diabetes Learning Session: Flash Glucose Monitoring

    For potential and current patients living with diabetes to better understand flash glucose monitoring.

    April 22, 2018

    Learning and Action—Not Re-Action
    Thursday, May 24 
    6.00pm Registration / 6.30–8.00pm Presentation
    Millwoods Senior & Multicultural Centre
    2610 Hewes Way NW (Room 229)
    Edmonton, AB

    Please REGISTER to attend

    A traditional blood glucose meter provides current glucose at a point in time. The Flash Glucose Monitor (FreeStyle Libre System) continuously measures and automatically stores glucose readings for 8 hours.

    Since the Sensor is continually measuring glucose, it provides more information than a traditional blood glucose meter, in addition to the Current Glucose number, each Sensor scan also includes a Glucose Trend Arrow that indicates which way and how fast the  glucose in going and a glucose graph that charts current and stored glucose readings. All this with a quick scan over the senor with the reader.  Approved for adults ages 18 years and older with at least 2 years of experience in self-managing diabetes. 

    You can do it without lancets.