Post Doctoral Fellows

The Alberta Diabetes Institute is a cross-disciplinary research Institute with over 65 members from various University of Alberta faculties. All Institute members are actively involved in one or more of the five areas of diabetes research outlined by the Institute.

If you are interested in joining the Alberta Diabetes Institute as a post doctoral fellow, please browse our member directory to identify a potential supervisor in your area of interest. Once you have identified an Institute member you would like to work with, please contact them directly to inquire about joining their research team.

The Institute offers our trainees the possibility of applying for an exclusive post doctoral award. For details, please see the information and eligibility criteria below.

Post Doctoral Award

Postdoctoral funding is intended to serve as a recruitment tool for exceptional, relatively recent PhD graduates from Universities outside of the University of Alberta. The award is only intended to support the recruit during their first year at ADI, during which they are expected to secure alternate postdoctoral funding for subsequent years as a trainee. A “bridge‐funding” award is also available, which provides support for a 6 month period (see below).

Eligibility and Conditions

  • Supervisor must be an Alberta Diabetes Institute member
  • Administration of the postdoctoral appointment must abide by the University of Alberta’s established policies and procedures for post‐doctoral fellowships
  • Initial appointments must occur within two years from the completion of a doctoral degree
  • Applicants should have a demonstrated excellent publication record (a minimum of 3‐4 first author publications) in high‐impact journals
  • There is no set deadline for applications
  • Decisions on PDF applications will be made by Institute’s Research Coordinating Committee
  • Postdoctoral Fellows should acknowledge the Alberta Diabetes Institute in their publications and presentations

Bridge Funding

If a Post‐Doctoral candidate has applied for external funding but was unsuccessful, they can apply for a 6 month bridge‐funding PDF. During this time they would be expected to re‐apply for external funding. In addition to the criteria listed above, the candidate would need to demonstrate (with copies of original documentation) that their external application was competitive – this would normally mean being ranked within 5‐8 places of eligibility.

Trainee Travel Awards

Trainee travel awards are intended to provide travel and accommodation support for trainees wanting to present diabetes-related research at major national or international meetings.

Eligibility and Conditions

Supervisor must be an Alberta Diabetes Institute member.

Full-time graduate and postdoctoral trainees are fully eligible to apply; undergraduate student applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Funding will not be released until travel is completed and all required documentation is received. Contact your respective department administrator in order to process travel expense claims.

Students should acknowledge the Alberta Diabetes Institute and the Alberta Diabetes Foundation in their presentations.