Optimal Training Environment

The Alberta Diabetes Institute realizes that science progresses quickly and the constant renewal of people and expertise is critical to success and longevity. Trainees such as MSc, PhD graduate students and postdoctoral fellows represent this renewal and the future generations of highly qualified personnel for healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors in Canada. The Institute offers trainees a rich and unique environment for developing research skills and pursuing novel research in their fields.

Trainee Opportunities

There are also opportunities to expand their horizons—basic scientists are able to collaborate with clinical scientists or even community health researchers. Together, with the Alberta Diabetes Foundation, the Institute raises funds that are used to support numerous trainees each year in the form of living allowances and travel awards for attending conferences. The vibrant trainee environment is enhanced by weekly seminars and an annual research event that gives trainees the chance to showcase their research and develop presentation skills. Each year over 80 MSc/PhD students and over 40 postdoctoral fellows train at the Alberta Diabetes Institute.

In the past five years trainees have received 174 institutional, 105 provincial and 124 national or international awards and prizes.

Become a Trainee

The Alberta Diabetes Institute is a cross-disciplinary research Institute with over 65 members from various University of Alberta faculties. All members are actively involved in areas of diabetes research.

If you are interested in joining the Alberta Diabetes Institute as an undergraduate summer student, graduate student or post doctoral fellow, please browse our Members Directory to identify a potential supervisor in your area of interest. Once you have identified a member you would like to work with, you can contact them directly to inquire about joining their research team. 

The Institute offers its trainees the possibility of applying for several exclusive awards. For details of the different awards available, please see the information and eligibility criteria below. If you are already a trainee and are interested in applying, you will need to speak with your supervisor. Application details and deadlines will be forwarded to you by your supervisor at the appropriate time.

Student Bursaries

Graduate Students

The Alberta Diabetes Institute offers partial and full studentships of up to $25,000 per year for its graduate students. Graduate Studentship Awards are intended as a recruitment tool for MSc and PhD students interested in diabetes-related research and are to be utilized during the first year of study. Graduate Studentships are funded by:

  • The Alberta Diabetes Foundation
  • The Gladys Woodrow Wirtanen
  • The Morley and Val Blanch Family
  • The Muttart Diabetes Research and Training Centre
  • Transamerica Life Canada

Eligibility and Conditions

  • The Student’s supervisor must be a member of the Alberta Diabetes Institute.
  • These awards are to support the first year of a MSc or PhD student. Second year studentship funding may be considered on a case-by-case basis upon submission of the completed application form. Surgical Residents and Surgical Fellows who are not funded by other sources are also eligible to apply for funding.
  • Applicants must include a 250 word lay summary of their proposed research work. If an award is received, the abstract may be forwarded to award sponsors or used for ADI’s own communication purposes.
  • Applicants may hold other awards concurrent with the ADI Studentship award, providing that the combined value does not exceed $25,000 in a 12-month period. Applicants must also comply with the eligibility requirements of awards received from other granting agencies when accepting the ADI award.
  • Decisions on applications for Graduate Studentships will be made by ADI’s Research Coordinating Committee
  • The start date of the studentship will normally be early September to coincide with the start of the academic school year. Other start dates will be considered.
  • Students must be registered in a full-time graduate program before funding will be released.
  • A progress report is required at the completion of the studentship.
  • Students may be asked to present their work at a Research in Progress seminar at least once during their training period and should acknowledge the Alberta Diabetes Foundation and the Alberta Diabetes Institute in their presentations and publications.

Summer students

Summer studentships are intended to support undergraduate students interested in diabetes-related research projects.

Eligibility and Conditions
  • The supervisor must be a member of the ADI.
  • Student must be an enrolled undergraduate student at an Alberta-based University with at least one year completed; or be enrolled in (but not started) graduate studies at an Alberta-based University.
  • Applicants must include a 250 word lay summary of their proposed research work. If an award is received, the abstract may be forwarded to award sponsors or used for ADI’s own communication purposes.
  • The studentship term shall be from May to August with a stipend rate of $1,400 per month.
  • Summer students may have the opportunity to present their work at the ADI Research Day.
  • Students may apply more than once for this award.

To request the application form, contact the PI you are interested in working for by clicking here.

The deadline for submission is the first Monday in February.

Trainee Travel Awards

Trainee travel awards are intended to provide travel and accommodation support for students wanting to present diabetes-related research at major national or international meetings.

Eligibility and Conditions

Supervisor must be an ADI member.

Full-time graduate and postdoctoral trainees are fully eligible to apply; undergraduate student applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Funding will not be released until travel is completed and all required documentation is received. Contact your respective department administrator in order to process travel expense claims. The ADI speed code can be obtained from Sam Leung.

Students should acknowledge the Alberta Diabetes Institute and the Alberta Diabetes Foundation in their presentations.