Research Day

Research Day 2019

2020 ADI Research Day

Due to Covid-19, this year the ADI Research Day will be held virtually over two days from 0900 MT - 1200 MT: Monday, November 2, and Tuesday, November 3. 

This annual event hosted by ADI since 2005, provides ADI Trainees - from first year undergraduate summer students to seasoned postdoctoral fellows - the opportunity to showcase their research efforts in either poster or podium format. This year will be different, but with the help of our ADI Trainee Working Group, Members, Trainees and administration we hope this format will still allow our ADI Trainees a great experience. 

Keynote Speaker

ADI is excited to announce this year's keynote speaker is Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe from the University of Toronto. Dr. Lipscombe's research interests include diabetes epidemiology and health services, drug safety for seniors with diabetes and other chronic endocrine conditions, with a particular focus on women with diabetes and the relationship between diabetes and cancer. Research expertise include studies using administrative databases, pharmaco-epidemiology, and cohort studies. "The goal of my research program is to improve prevention, care, and outcomes for diabetes".