Research Day

Research Day 2019

2020 ADI Research Day

Dear ADI Members and Trainees

Thank you for participating in our 2020 ADI Research Day. This year our event was held virtually over two days on November 2 and 3. By all accounts it went exceedingly well. We have already received many compliments about the organization, quality of presentations, and how smoothly the virtual format went. Attendance for the two mornings was also impressive with between 60-75 attendees in every session.

A big thanks to:

  • our keynote speaker and judge Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe
  • members of the ADI Trainee Working Group (ADI TWG) who have been planning and organizing for the past many months, and our ADI administration who worked tirelessly in the background
  • our session chairs for keeping the sessions on time, fielding questions and even asking their own questions that were sometimes well out of their own comfort zone!
  • our five judges for diligently scoring each talk and deciding on the awardees

The aim of ADI Research Day is to bring together our ADI Trainees – from summer students to postdoctoral fellows – providing them the opportunity to present their research amongst peers, supervisors, and other ADI members. Despite the challenges of 2020, I believe we achieved this aim in a virtual format and, judging from the positive feedback from our trainees, it seems like we may have even surpassed our own expectations! 

Great job everyone.


Peter Light

Keynote Speaker

ADI is excited to announce this year's keynote speaker is Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe from the University of Toronto. Dr. Lipscombe's research interests include diabetes epidemiology and health services, drug safety for seniors with diabetes and other chronic endocrine conditions, with a particular focus on women with diabetes and the relationship between diabetes and cancer. Research expertise include studies using administrative databases, pharmaco-epidemiology, and cohort studies. "The goal of my research program is to improve prevention, care, and outcomes for diabetes".