Alumni Relations Staff

Call 780-492-3224 (toll-free in Canada and the US at 1-800-661-2593), or e-mail

Associate Vice-President Alumni Relations
Sean Price, '95 BCom, MBA

Director, Alumni Engagement
Greg Latham, BA, BMus

Director, Alumni Programs
Tracy Salmon, ’91 BA, ’96 MSc

Senior Manager Strategic Initiatives
Coleen Graham, ’88 BSc, ’93 MEd

Manager, Education and Special Events
Colleen Elliott, ’94 BEd

Manager, Venture Mentoring Service
Arden Tse, '95 BSc(Spec), '99 BCom, '13 MBA

Manager, Regional Chapters
John Perrino, ’93 BA(RecAdmin)

Manager, Corporate Alumni Relations

Alumni Association Business Lead
Jessica Kennedy, ’04 BSc(HEcol)

Coordinator, Student Engagement
Chloe Chalmers, ’00 BA

Assistant, Student Engagement
Krasna Kos, '05 BSc

Meghan Sylvester, ’06 BA (On Leave)

Coordinator, International Chapters

Coordinator, Regional Chapters
Sami Brar, ’12 BA

Coordinator, Regional Chapters
Jennifer Jenkins, ’94 BEd

Advancement Officer, Asia
Joanna Chan, '09 BA

Assistant, Regional Chapters
Liezel Candava

Coordinator, Alumni Projects
Leanne Garon, ’01 BSc, ’03 BEd

Coordinator, Alumni Special Events
Sarah Prince, '12 BA(RecAdmin)

Coordinator, Alumni Special Events
Katy Yachimec, ’04 BA

Assistant, Alumni Special Events
Krista Philpott 

Coordinator, Campus Chapters & Faculty Engagement
Elise Hetu

Coordinator, Campus Chapters & Faculty Engagement
Cristine Myhre

Coordinator, Campus Chapters & Faculty Engagement
Anneka Bakker, ’13 BA

Assistant, Campus Chapters
Vi Warkentin

Coordinator, Alumni Recognition
Jodi Richter, ’09 BSc(HEcol)

Assistant, Alumni Recognition
Shermie Au, ’05 BCom, ’09 LLB

Volunteer Coordinator
Vanessa Welz, ’10 BA

Assistant, Volunteers
Cheryl Edwards, '13 BA

Administrative Assistant
Allison Johnson, ’10 BA

Administrative Assistant
Debbie Keehn

Executive Assistant
Diane Tougas