Ashlyn Bernier, ’06 BSc, ’11 PhD, ’13 MBA

    The startup mover-and-shaker shares why success should be measured by fulfillment rather than finances

    Ashlyn Bernier

    Name: Ashlyn Bernier

    Profession: I work with tech startups in operations and finance (helping them to make the most money without getting into trouble).

    My favourite emoji is: I think it’s praying hands, but I see it as a high five

    The background photo on my cell phone is: The moon (it came with the phone, haha).

    The last thing I Googled was: How to season a cast iron pan. (Hobby chef!)

    If I were to change professions, I would be an: Investigative journalist.

    The greatest challenge of my career has been: Dealing with the uncertainty of not fitting in to a “box.”

    The thing I remember most about being a student is: Cycles of exhaustion and exhilaration.

    One piece of advice I’d give a current student is: Forget a five-year plan, make a six-month plan at the most! Plans are blinders to new and unexpected opportunities.

    The worst job I've ever had was: Prefer not to answer, but I sure learned a lot!

    The game show I would be best at is: Amazing Race.

    On the day I graduated, I wish I'd known: How much I didn’t know.

    My favourite city is: Halifax, NS

    The one habit I'm trying to break is: Phone before bed.

    The last book I read was: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (SO GOOD).

    The most defining moment in my career was: The few instances where people I really looked up to took a chance on me.

    The one way I have changed for the better is: Realizing it's not about job title or salary; it's about how much you contribute and are fulfilled by the work.

    I started feeling like a grown-up when: People started asking me for career advice.

    The daily habit that contributes to my success is: Taking an hour away from screens to have a bath in the dark.

    After I die, I want to be remembered for: Loving fearlessly.

    My first job after graduation was: Building the entrepreneurial mentorship program Venture Mentoring Service at UAlberta!

    The item I never leave the house without is: Let’s be real: my phone!