Justine Barber

    E-Commerce CEO takes our questions and explains why her five-year plan can still probably wait.

    By Staff on February 3, 2017


    Justine Barber


    E-Commerce CEO

    The background photo on my cell phone is:

    Photo of my husband and son with city of Edmonton in the background

    The last thing I Googled was:

    Black mold - I think I have it in my bathroom :(

    If I were to change professions, I would be a(n):

    Land Development

    The greatest challenge of my career has been:

    Figuring out 'what I want to be when I grow up'

    The thing I remember most about being a student is

    How much fun it was. I loved living in a big house with my friends, choosing what to study and going out!

    One piece of advice I'd give a current student is:

    Don't rush through your undergrad because once you get into the workforce opportunity for long breaks are minimal. Take time off to travel, study abroad and make sure you leave the library!

    Would you rather have to say what's on your mind at all times or never be able to speak again?:

    Have to say what's on my mind at all times than never be able to speak again.

    My pop culture best friend would be:

    Rihanna, though I don't think I'm cool enough for her!

    The worst job I've ever had was:

    Busing tables at a restaurant.

    The game show I would be best at is:

    I'd like 'Ticket to Ride' to be transformed into a show and then compete in that.

    On the day I graduated, I wish I'd known:

    Not to worry so much about my five-year plan because I was going to change it every two years anyways and end somewhere totally different and be happy.

    Sushi or Noodles?:


    My favourite city is:

    New York City and Rio

    The last book I read was:

    The Best Kind of People.

    The most defining moment in my career was:

    Deciding to become an entrepreneur.

    The one way I have changed for the better is:

    I am more confident and less judgmental.

    I started feeling like a grown-up when:

    When I started to do my own taxes, instead of giving my docs to my parents to give to their accountant.

    My preferred Hogwarts house is:


    My first job after graduation was:

    Working as a project coordinator in a green architecture firm.

    The item I never leave the house without is:

    My phone