Alumni Awards

Award FAQs

What are the nomination criteria? 

    • Each Alumni Award category has its own specific criteria for eligibility. Criteria is listed by award category, on the left drop-down menu here
    • Alumni Awards are not awarded posthumously
    • Nominees must have graduated from the University of Alberta, this includes Faculty of Extension certificate programs and Office of Postgraduate Medical Education programs
    • Current members of Alumni Council and members of their family are normally ineligible; however, exceptions may be made where an award is time-sensitive 
    • Anyone may submit a nomination, you do not have to be a University of Alberta alumnus to submit a nomination
    • Sitting politicians are not eligible to receive an Alumni Award during their term. These positions include, but are not limited to:


        • Head of State
        • Governor General
        • Members of Parliament (MPs) includes Ministers
        • Prime Minister 
        • Senators
        • National Chief (AFN)
        • Chairs of the Council of Elders, the Council of Women and the AFN national Youth Council (AFN)


        • Lieutenant Governor 
        • Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) or Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) includes Ministers
        • Premier
        • Vice- Chief, Regional Chief or Grand Chief (AFN)
        • Executive Director of AFN Union, Confederacy or Policy Congress (AFN)


        • Mayor 
        • Council member
        • Chief (AFN)
        • Band or Tribal Council member (AFN)

Once the individual no longer holds an elected or appointed position in political office they are eligible to receive an Alumni Award.

How long are nominations kept active?

Distinguished Alumni Award nominations are considered for five years, nominations in the Honour, Horizon, Service and Innovation categories are considered for two years and nominations in the Excellence category are considered for one year.  Nominators are responsible for providing any new information each year as needed.

Are current University of Alberta faculty and staff eligible?

Yes, anyone who has graduated from the University of Alberta can be nominated, including University of Alberta faculty and staff.

Can an individual receive multiple Alumni Awards?

Yes, alumni are eligible to receive more than one Alumni Award, as long as they are in different categories in different years. 

Where can I see a list of previous Award Recipients?

Alumni Award recipients from previous years are listed here.

Who selects the recipients? 

Award selections are made by members of the Alumni Awards Committee, one of six Alumni Council committees. The list of winners then goes to Alumni Council for final approval.

How are Alumni Award recipients selected?

Many factors go into the final decision.  Reviewing all nominations received, the Alumni Awards Committee is committed to selecting the most worthy recipients, while ensuring the Alumni Awards represent the diversity of achievements and contributions by University of Alberta graduates. 

Who should I approach as a referee?

Ideal referees are people who can personally comment on the specific achievements, contributions and the impact of these actions of the person nominated. References should be someone other than the nominator. 

The nomination asks for a 500 word biographical summary on the nominee’s achievements and why they should be recognized. What information should I include?

  • In what area has this person excelled — what demonstrates how this nominee is exceptional? How does s/he stand out from their peers?
  • What have the nominee achieved outside of their profession- personal interests, charity work, or involvement in the community?
  • Are their contributions and achievements based on individual merit or personal commitment, rather than as a result of their position of employment? 
  • How does the person nominated make you proud to be a graduate of the University of Alberta? What personal qualities does the nominee exhibit that makes them an inspiration for students and other alumni? 
  • For a detailed list of what to include in the biographical summary, please see the Instructions for Biographical Summary.

What does a nomination consist of?

Nominations for an Alumni Award must consist of three components:

1) Nomination form

2) 500 word biographical summary

3) Letter(s) of support

Supporting documents (newspaper or magazine articles, links to websites, photographs or résumés or CVs) are not accepted. 

Should nominators or references inform the nominee of the nomination? 

All information submitted is kept confidential. To avoid disappointment and to respect the privacy of the people consulted, the Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Awards committee keeps nominations confidential, and we recommend that nominees not be advised of their nomination.

When will the recipients be announced?
Award recipients are contacted by phone in late May and the list of award recipients is announced on the Alumni Relations website in June. In cases where a nominee is not selected to receive an award this year, only the nominator will be contacted.

How will the recipients be recognized?
The recipients are recognized in online and print issues of New Trail, on the Alumni Relations website, and at the Alumni Awards ceremony, held on September 2017.