Student Grants

The Alumni Association offers $30,000 annually in grant funding for successful projects to improve student health, student life, and campus community. Tell us how you’d like to improve your campus community. Applications are accepted three times annually - deadlines are Sept. 30 (Winter), Jan. 31 (Spring/Summer) and May 31 (Fall) - and adjudicated by the Alumni Student Council (a group of both students and Alumni Council representatives). Please ensure you apply with enough lead time if your event falls early in the term.



Please be advised that we have changed our granting deadlines and adjudication schedule for the 2019-2020 year. In order to align with other granting bodies on campus (primarily Student Group Services), we will now review applications one term ahead, starting with the Winter 2020 applications. This means any groups that were planning on applying for our Winter round of grants should now apply for the Sept. 30 deadline. The Sept. 30 deadline will still remain the same for Fall projects for this year only. In January we will review applications for events and projects that take place over the summer, and May 31 will be the new deadline for events taking place in Fall 2020.  Please refer to this document for more details. 


Special-Project Funding for Student Activities: Funding Guidelines


The University of Alberta Alumni Association is committed to creating, supporting, and improving the student experience both through academic and non-academic means. Each year, the Alumni Association provides financial support to student projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing the student experience and showcasing the university community and its members. 


Any University of Alberta student or group of students is eligible to apply for a grant. If your group is not affiliated with Student Group Services, the Students’ Union or the Graduate Students’ Association, please include supporting documents such as a membership list, bylaws or a letter of Faculty support with your application. Funding is intended to support activities which engage the campus community; consequently, applications for travel of any sort (volunteer, academic conference, etc) will not be eligible. 


Individuals and groups seeking financial support must complete and submit the funding application provided by the Alumni Relations Office. Each application (where applicable) must also be verified and endorsed by a club’s president and financial officer. 

Grants will fund up to 75% of the total cost of an activity, up to a maximum of $2500.  If you are requesting an amount higher than $1000, we request that you plan for a representative from the Office of Alumni Relations to speak at your event. Your group may receive less than maximum funding, dependent upon the range of applications received and its ranking within the adjudication process. 

High priority is given to proposals that are non-partisan and innovative; which involve University of Alberta students and alumni participation; which are university oriented; and which help enhance the University of Alberta student experience on campus. 
Students may not apply for or use funding to: obtain alcohol and related items; obtain illegal items and substances; directly contribute to fundraisers that primarily benefit external agencies or causes (excludes the event cost of a fundraiser). 


Project organizers must complete and submit the special project funding application form and budget form provided by the Alumni Relations Office. Please ensure that all required and pertinent information is attached and submitted.


Deadlines and Pay Schedule

The Alumni Student Council (ASC) reviews applications three times annually, in the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer terms. Applications must be received via Google Form by the University of Alberta Alumni Relations Office no later than September 30, January 31 and June 30*. Paper or emailed submissions will not be accepted. Please note that funding cannot be applied retroactively, that is, an activity will only be considered for funding if it takes place after the application deadline. 

A meeting may be called for project organizers to further explain their proposal. The ASC reserves the right to decline any or all projects. Successful applicants should take into consideration that funds will not be available until 2-3 weeks after their application is approved. 

*Should you miss the deadline, your application will be reviewed the following term. For example, if your application has a timestamp of February 1, it will be reviewed for funding with the next batch of applications in June. 


As grants are awarded through reimbursement of accrued expenses, an event evaluation form (provided by the Alumni Association) must be completed and submitted within a month of a project’s completion.  Failure to provide the post-event evaluation will be taken into account for future group applications.


We request event pictures from the project be included with the post-event evaluation, and we reserve the right to send a photographer/videographer to any approved event to take pictures and/or video for use on the Alumni Association website or in their publications


Project organizers are required to recognize assistance received from the University of Alberta Alumni Association and to display the Alumni Association logo on all promotional materials and reporting. Upon approval and in accordance with Alumni Association guidelines, the Alumni Association logo will be provided for this purpose.

Alumni Student Council Representative

We reserve the right to send a representative from the Alumni Student Council to attend any ASC–approved event.


For assistance, please contact Meghan or Chelsea at