Email for Life FAQ

How do I sign up for a email?
If you haven't yet registered for this service, please sign up for a new account here.

What if I had an email address under the old email forwarding service, but didn't sign up for the new service?
You will have to sign up for a new account by filling out this form. Please provide a second option, as your old address may not be available.

How do I check my email with this new system?
Sign in here.

What if I want to just forward my email?
Go into your email inbox, select settings (upper right-hand side) and choose forwarding.

What if I can't see the login page properly?
Your security settings may be too high, your internet options must be set to allow "cookies".

Is this service the same as the staff and student account?
No, the webmail service is for students and staff. Recent graduates can keep their email addresses active as long as they log into the service at least once per year (some restrictions apply). The email accounts are for alumni only and never expire. More information about the email is available on the Information Services and Technology website.

Contact us at, or call (780) 492-3224.

We also have a toll-free number in Canada and the US at 1-800-661-2593.