Associate Alumni

All students at the University of Alberta value their alma mater. That’s why we now recognize University of Alberta Certificate holders as Associate Alumni. The change embraces Certificate holders from all U of A faculties, including those within the Faculty of Extension and those who completed their medical residencies within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Benefits of being an Associate Alumnus

To honour the achievement of Certificate holders, the Alumni Association is extending the following alumni benefits to Associate Alumni.

  1. A digital copy of New Trail Magazine (three times annually), E-Trail Electronic Magazine (monthly) and other communications from the Alumni Association
  2. A connection to lifelong learning programs and U of A research
  3. Discounts with select affinity partners
  4. Access to exclusive Alumni travel programs
  5. Inclusion in student mentorship programs
  6. Networking / business connections
  7. Invitations to university events, including alumni functions that keep you connected to past classmates and friends
  8. The Alumni One Card – discounted access to recreation and libraries
  9. Discounts on tickets to events at the Jubilee Auditorium
  10. Information regarding how you can support the University of Alberta through your advocacy, volunteerism and/or financial support

Who is defined as an Associate Alumnus

Associate Alumni are comprised of three separate groups of individuals, all of whom have spent a considerable amount of time at the University of Alberta:

1) Any person who has completed a program at the University in which the University does not grant a degree, or did not grant a degree at the time of completion of such program, and has subsequently graduated from a post-secondary education institution recognized by the Council as a "university", may become an associate Member of the Association upon application.

2) Certificate Holders – Those University of Alberta students who have completed a certificate program through the Faculty of Extension.

3) Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Residents – Those University of Alberta students who have completed their medical or dental residencies within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, receiving their diploma from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Alberta.

Certificate Holders and Medical and Dental Residents completing their programs after January 1, 2013 are automatically included as Associate Alumni.