Alumni Honour Roll

After graduation, UAlberta grads leave campus and go on to do great things. They're out there helping others and making a difference big and small. And we love hearing their stories!

If you know of a grad (maybe its you!), who has a noteworthy or interesting story to tell, take a moment to fill out the form below.

It could be:


- A doctor or nurse who's working overtime to make sure everyone is taken care of;

- A neighbour who has brought you supplies while you're isolated;

- A teacher who now has to teach your children online;

- A restaurant worker who's still working so people can get food;

- Or someone who taught you something new, helped out in some way or just inspires you!

Tell us who deserves to be on our UAlberta alumni honour roll. We'll send them a note thanking them for representing their alma mater in a positive way.