Alumni Council

Volunteering on Alumni Council

Eric Martin and Jesse Aco at Aug. 2016 Pep Rally

Consider joining a group of dynamic and engaged alumni from the Edmonton area who, on behalf of more than 270,000 University of Alberta graduates, lead the Alumni Association in supporting other alumni and the University of Alberta.

What Alumni Councillors Do

Alumni Councillors are passionate about their alma mater and are eager to contribute to strategies and programs that strengthen the relationship between the University of Alberta and its alumni.

Alumni Council members act as ambassadors for the university by:

  • promoting the university to their personal networks
  • encouraging student and alumni involvement
  • connecting the university and broader communities
  • sharing stories about the impact of the university


  • Alumni Council members gain professional experience serving on advisory and/or working committees that provide input to the work of the Alumni Association
  • Serving on Alumni Council provides the opportunity to work with and meet new people, while supporting the success of the university
  • Volunteering on council allows for high-level participation in important university events such as the Week of Welcome, Alumni Weekend and Convocation
  • Volunteers have the opportunity to progress to leadership roles within Alumni Council, the Board of Governors and the University Senate
  • Serving on council allows individuals to bring their unique skills to help set and drive the priorities of the Alumni Association
  • Past satisfaction surveys show that 100% of members rated their overall experience as “good” to “excellent”


Alumni Council meets five times annually. Additionally, all members will serve on one council committee that meets an additional 4-5 times per year and will attend two annual social events to begin and end the council year. There are ample opportunities for increased involvement, especially during Alumni Weekend and Convocation.


Alumni Council Volunteers:

  • are proud graduates of the University of Alberta
  • reside in the Edmonton area
  • work well with small and large groups
  • can dedicate the time to advancing alumni engagement and the success of the university
  • are eager to support a positive university experience for students
  • have a background in community service
Employees/contractors of the Office of Advancement at the University of Alberta are excluded from sitting on Alumni Council to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.