A Farewell Note from the Alumni Association President

Since the beginning, the University of Alberta and the province of Alberta have grown and succeeded together. From the creation of Quantum canola to the development of global leadership in artificial intelligence to a 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to Michael Houghton, the U of A community has been integral to Alberta’s prosperity and achievements. Together, we have pushed forward discoveries that have changed the world, created opportunities and opened up industries. For more than a century, the University of Alberta has been an engine of innovation, driving social, cultural and economic prosperity within the province and across the country.

And all of you – our 300,000 alumni – have been an integral part of these achievements.  

University of Alberta graduates have created a staggering 70,000 organizations, employing one in five Albertans outside the public sector and generating annual revenues of almost $350 billion annually — much of that right here in Alberta.

Alberta is facing unprecedented economic challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a global recession and lower oil prices. The U of A recognizes that this is a time of fiscal challenges and uncertainty for all Albertans. Over the past year, the U of A has responded proactively by significantly reducing institutional expenditures and implementing meaningful operational efficiencies, while retaining excellence in teaching, research, learning and community engagement.

As I complete my term as president of the University of Alberta Alumni Association, I want to encourage you to support the university at this crucial time. As alumni, we need to ensure the University of Alberta retains — and in fact, enhances — its reputation as a leader in teaching and research. We also need to ensure the student experience remains just as strong as we remember it.

As alumni, here is how you can help:

The U of A is the world-class university in our own backyard. Let’s make sure we can continue to change the lives of our learners, and drive innovation and economic prosperity in the future.

Forever Green and Gold,

Heather Raymond
President, Alumni Association