Alumni Student Support and Engagement Team (ASSET)

The experience of today’s university students is intense. Extreme academic competitiveness, soaring tuition and living costs, high expectations and a cutthroat job market after graduation leave many students feeling hopeless, exhausted and depressed. And, according to North American statistics, almost nine per cent of post-secondary students have considered suicide.


Although there are several mental health support services available to students on the University of Alberta campus, sometimes there’s a gap between students realizing they need help and accessing those supports.


That’s where UAlberta grads are in a unique position to help. Alumni have a diverse offering of skills, talents and experiences. Perhaps most importantly, they know the challenges and stresses of being a student.  

This is why the Alumni Association, in partnership with the Office of the Dean of Students, launched the Alumni Student Support and Engagement Team (ASSET).

Nineteen ASSET volunteers, specially trained in Mental Health First Aid and Helping Skills, now support students at student events and various activities on North Campus. They work closely with the Office of the Dean of Students, including the Healthy Campus Unit, ACCESS Outreach, ACCESS Open Minds and others. 

Upcoming Fall 2019 ASSET activities:



Unwind Your Mind

Watch for the ASSET team handing out healthy snacks and notes of encouragement in libraries

December 10th, 11th, and 12th
6 p.m. to 7 p.m.